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At YOU FOOD we’re passionate about matching people with their ultimate food pleasure!  We want to help YOU to find your food heaven and avoid your food hell.

Feng Sushi, Waterloo

We’re just starting out on our mission to become the Google for good food!  Our aim is to provide detailed, accurate, up-to-date information about food in your area – making it easy for you to find food that you really love, when you shop, cook, eat out or order a takeaway.

We’re currently inviting food businesses from all over the country (with a particular focus on the Home Counties to the West of London) to share their passion for the food they produce – to help everyone who eats to make better informed decisions about where you buy your food and where you eat out.

We’re also inviting food businesses to tell us more about their unique food offering and to offer discounts and special offers to our Privilege Club members.

So why not become a YOU FOODIE today.  It’s free, for now but may not be forever!

Our purpose

We want to unite YOU with the FOOD businesses that are most likely to please and delight your individual food preferences – bringing together businesses and communities in the pursuit of great food. We do this by highlighting what’s special and unique about the food businesses we feature – thereby helping YOU to discover which companies share the same food ethos and offer the kind of eating experiences that most appeal to YOU.

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We aim to please

We hope you will find our website useful. We’d love to know what you think, so please send your comments to info@you-food.co.uk. Find out more at: who we are and why we’ve created YOU FOOD.

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