How to search the site

At the very heart of the YOU FOOD philosophy is the ability to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.
Currently, the best way to find what you want is via the Keyword Search box at the top left of every page – and on the right hand side underneath the “Quick Search” heading on the detailed listings pages.
Using the Keyword Search

Here you can type whatever you like such as ‘indian restaurant’, ‘farmers market’ or ‘recipe book’ and / or the first half of your postcode, a local town or a county.  You can also type the name of a chef to find the restaurant he or she runs; your favourite foods or cooking style; or an ingredient.  You can put in ‘dancing’ to find food businesses which also have dancing, or ‘molecular gastronomy’ to find restaurants which experiment with the style of cooking made famous by Heston Blumenthal.

These Keyword searches will only show listings where all of the words that you enter are present in the text of the listing, or in the tags that have been used to categorise it.  So if you want a family-friendly, Indian restaurant with off-street parking, simply type ‘Indian restaurant family-friendly off-street parking’ (no punctuation) and you will find those restaurants that offer what you are looking for, and nothing else.  If you want an Indian restaurant in Denham, type in “Indian Denham”.

Using the “Location” navigation

This navigation box is located near the top left of the website, with header “Location”, and allows you to navigate to the food businesses in your area, or the area you are travelling to, quickly.

Finding what you need with the Keyword Search

Depending on what you search for, you may find dozens of matches – in which case try refining your search to be more specific – or use the category drop down box to focus your search on a single category.  However (as the site is still being populated) you may not find exactly what you’re looking for – so please bear with us during these early days of populating the site – and if you can, please help out by letting us know about great food businesses in your area. Simply click here to send us the details – then we can contact those businesses to encourage them to start offering discounts to YOU FOOD club members, such as YOU!

Other ways to search the site

You can also browse the drop down “Category” menus under the  ‘Shop’,  ‘Cook’  and  ‘Eat’  sections of the main menu bar to see what’s on the site.  Or you can use the classification links down the right hand side of the listing pages, underneath the ‘Quick Search’ Keyword boxes, (starting with the Cooking Style menu) to give you an idea of the wide range of classifications and types of information included on the site, and take you straight to the food businesses in each classification.

Within the next few months, we also hope to be able to add a “radius” search so that you can search for restaurants within a 10 mile radius of a postcode or a town, for example, and to couple it with the ability to do filtered searches, for a really powerful search that should lead you straight to what you are looking for.

Happy searching, and do come back soon to see what we have added !