When I moved to a small South Buckinghamshire town, as a London commuter, over 10 years ago I knew nothing about the local shops and restaurants in the area.
  • Where could I buy food apart from at the large, soulless and impersonal supermarkets?
  • Which shops and restaurants served local, organic or free-range produce?
  • Where should we go for a special occasion meal or a relaxed Sunday lunch?
  • Which pubs welcomed new comers, served quick, quality meals or had a childrens’ play area?

I asked my neighbours for ideas, but they only knew of a handful of places – and so it remained.  We tried all the obvious places and stuck with those we liked, but always wondered what was around the corner, or in neighbouring towns and villages.  Having children did start to reveal the local community. I walked to my local butchers, attended local playgroups and asked other Mum’s for recommendations. But even then I felt there was more to find.

Finding hidden gems

I was right. Since starting YOU FOOD I have discovered an amazing variety local food options – many hidden gems located just minutes from my home which I never knew existed – and many other fantastic restaurants and retail outlets in the surrounding towns and villages of South Bucks, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and North West London.

The purpose of YOU FOOD

So, having found this great new array of shopping and eating opportunities, YOU FOOD aims to highlight the best food that your local area has to offer too. Whether you have lived in the area for a few weeks or 20 years or more, we hope you will find something new and interesting.

Our aim is to create a community of food lovers, producers, retailers, caterers and restaurateurs – uniting you with the people who share the same food ethos as you do. Whether you want simple, exotic, free-range, organic, local, ethical, traditional, modern, value or gourmet, this website will help you to find the products and services most suited to your personal taste, budget and lifestyle.

Helping great food businesses

We are also committed to helping passionate, caring food businesses to succeed. Through our website, e-newsletter, magazine, tasting events and marketing/PR services, we help great food suppliers to improve the way they communicate their unique offer to attract customers and increase sales.

We are currently focused on our own local area of North/West London and surrounding home counties, but also feature great national food businesses and those found while travelling around the country.

So, if you care about what you eat, or run a great food business, this website is for YOU.

If you know of any great food businesses not featured here that you would like to share with others – or for us to contact to encourage them to start offering discounts for YOU FOOD members, please do let us know by clicking here.