Working for YOU FOOD

YOU FOOD aims to sign up food businesses in every city, town and village in the UK.

To do this, we need you to help us to find out the name, location, contact and summary details of those businesses.

If you’re able to provide us with the details of businesses that are new to our site, then please click on these links to send us details your favourite pubs, restaurants or cafés or to send us details of your favourite other types of food businesses.

We are also looking for Sales Executives to help us in their local areas.  Would you like to become Sales Executive for YOU FOOD, then click here to find out full details?

We will pay you a generous commission for every business that you sign up – a commission which includes additional bonuses after you pass various milestones of total sales made (unfortunately, however, we are not in a position to pay a salary if you are not successful in signing up businesses).

To give you an indication, you could earn £1250 a month by signing up 12 food businesses in the month (actual commission rates vary according to the type of food businesses signed up).

Please contact us  if you are interested, having read the full job details, and be prepared to talk about your sales experience.  We will give you a training pack, including the sales pitch details, and then you will need to sit a video interview over Skype or FaceTime, or face to face if you live near us, where we will include a role play where we pretend to be the Business that you are trying to sign up to YOU FOOD, and you will have to successfully answer our awkward questions, and convince us to sign up.  If you pass the interview, you can become a Sales Executive for YOU FOOD.