Food bloggers

YOU FOOD is keen to have more food bloggers on our website, creating articles of between around 400 and 1500 words (as a guide, there are no specific limits) on anything interesting related to food.

Here are some suggestions of topics:

  • Dietary issues – e.g. living with Coeliacs disease or a gluten intolerance, etc. – what can you eat, and what to avoid, where can you eat (restaurants which cater for these issues – preferably in the South East of England, as that is our current focus), low carbohydrate diets -the theory behind the weight loss, a typical week’s menu of meals
  • Information about types of food, e.g.strawberries, apples, etc. (see, and )
  • Information about food gadgets (peelers, slicers, ice cream makers, bread makers, etc.)
  • Food festivals and food events
  • Food on a budget – again maybe a week’s menu giving a varied diet for a particular budget
  • Articles about small food producers
  • Cooking tips
  • Chef’s stories (nightmares, a disaster rescued, greatest achievement, etc.)
  • The basic skills of cooking – how to fillet fish, shuck oysters (see ), bone a chicken, chop an onion like a trained chef does, how to boil the perfect egg, how to make the perfect meringue, etc. 
  • Unusual food techniques
  • Latest trends in cooking / restaurants, new ingredients that are becoming popular and where to buy them, etc. 
  • A food glossary – what does it mean to confit a duck, what is the difference between smoked salmon and gravadlax, what is pastrami, etc?

We are not currently able to pay for these blogs, but if you would like an outlet for your content, on a website which is currently viewed by over 2300 people a month, and growing fast, so that you can build up a reputation for yourself, then this could well be the right opportunity for you.  We do allow you to link to one other website per blog, so we will allow you to promote your own business in this way, as long as the article (blog) is not overtly of a sales nature – i.e. it needs to be factually based, providing useful information to foodies, and not just a sales pitch.  Submit your articles by clicking on this link and composing them on the page, or copying and pasting into the page.

You can also use that page to submit to us your favourite recipes.   Please note that if the recipes are someone else’s,, and not your own invention, then that is fine, but you need to credit the source of the recipe.  It is fine if it has come from a recipe book – as crediting the book and author helps to promote the book, so publishers are happy for us to publish one or two recipes from the book, with a credit for the book.