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Job Advert for Sales Executives

YOU FOOD is recruiting for Sales Executives to work as affiliates of YOU FOOD, receiving commission for sales achieved, using a range of sales processes and techniques.

This is not a salaried position and would most likely suit someone who wishes to work part-time to supplement the family income, or as part of a portfolio career, although how much time the Sales Executive dedicates to the role is up to them.YOUFOOD_logo

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate that they are highly self-motivated, intelligent, energetic, passionate about food, and passionate about what YOU FOOD is trying to achieve.  Candidates are strongly advised to look at in detail before applying, to understand what YOU FOOD is all about.

The base sales target is 75 sales per month, at the initial low special offer price, falling to 50 sales per month at the standard price, which would earn a typical commission of £712.50, rising to £1475.  Actual commission is based upon the type and quantity of sales – full details to be provided in the information pack that will be sent to suitable applicants.

We are looking for people to sell in the Bucks, Berks, Herts, Surrey, and West London areas.  Candidates would work from home and would be required to travel within your nominated area (probably within 20-30 miles of your home) so a driving license or suitable means of transport is essential.


Essential qualities and experience:

  • Previous sales experience including cold calling and use of phone calls and emails to arrange appointments and follow-up where necessary.
  • Ability to use persuasive language, without being aggressive, to discuss financial aspects and business benefits and to close sales.  Ability to read body language and recognise when to stop selling is also important.
  • Ability to demonstrate an online system, using a laptop or hand-held device – so candidates should have their own readily available.
  • Knowledge and experience of using Microsoft Office products.


Desirable contacts and experience:

  • Familiarity with business networking and social networking.
  • Experience of selling to businesses – and preferably to food businesses.
  • Contacts in the food industry would be a bonus.


Job Description for Sales Executives


YOU FOOD Sales Executives are self-employed people who work, entirely self-motivated, to sell YOU FOOD Membership to food businesses and to consumers.  The remuneration is commission only, based upon actual sales results – people who have signed up through the website and been directed to PayPal to create a regular repeating subscription to YOU FOOD.

Sales Executives will report initially to Tracy Reader, Communications Director of YOU FOOD, for day to day management in terms of advising them and guiding them to achieve their sales targets.  In time, when YOU FOOD reaches a target sales turnover, the direct reporting line will be to a Sales Manager – and any Sales Executives showing the potential to manage a wider sales team (should they wish to seek this role) would be a likely candidate for a Sales Manager role. For contractual, remuneration, and other business affairs, the reporting line will be to Clive Reader, Chief Operating Officer of YOU FOOD.

The hours worked by the Sales Executives will be entirely at their own discretion, and they can work different hours each week, as befits their circumstances.  However, they will be expected to work sufficient hours to achieve the minimum sales target per month.  Sales Executives will be expected to utilise all of the following methods for achieving sales.


Sales Activities

  • The expectation would be to 100 visits to food businesses per month to secure the minimum requirements, as well as attend local networking events to promote themselves and YOU FOOD.  Again, we could suggest that 4 network events are attended each month to generate interest, brand awareness, influential contacts and customers too.
  • Sales Executives are expected to achieve their minimum of 100 face-to-face meetings each month through:
    • Proactive use of email
    • Telephone canvassing
    • Cold calling
    • Networking
    • Use of referrals (getting someone who knows the food business owner to make an introduction)
    • Presentations at events
    • Exhibitions (funded by YOU FOOD and also supported by another Sales Executive, where necessary, but run by the local Sales Executive).
    • Forecast management and reporting tools as supplied by YOU FOOD, especially, but not limited to, maintaining the YOU FOOD businesses spreadsheet for their area.
    • Use of Social Media including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (YOU FOOD Account) and local Blogs
    • Profiling on local online directories
    • Keeping their line manager (Tracy initially) informed as to their activities, using the software applications provided by YOU FOOD, but which may initially be by a short e-mail after each day’s activity.



Sales Executives will be expected to display, and conduct themselves according to, the core values of YOU FOOD, which are as follows:

Customer Relationships
•Value for Money
•Exceed Expectations
Community - orientated



Sales Executives receive commission on sales made, and payment for all reasonable expenses (parking, coffee for a prospect, train, mileage for petrol) upon submission of receipts or other proof, as appropriate. No salary will be paid.

Commission rates are: £20 for each £95 sale, £50 for each £195 sale, and £80 for each £295 sale.

In addition, above certain thresholds of total sales income earned per month, a bonus is payable as follows:

  • £75 on every multiple of 10 sales,
  • £125 on every multiple of 50 sales,
  • £175 on every multiple of 75 sales,
  • 20% additional bonus on the total volume bonus paid for sales over 100, all in one month.

These bonuses are cumulative.  e.g. for 110 sales at £95 in the month, the commission is (£20*110) +  {(£75*11) + (£125*2) + (£175*1)}*120%.

Note that commission rates are liable to revision at any time, but YOU FOOD will constantly endeavour to make them as attractive as possible to Sales Executives, whilst also meeting the needs of the business.


Contractual arrangements

Sales Executives will not be employees of YOU FOOD.  They will be affiliates who are self-employed and thus wholly responsible for their own income tax and National Insurance payments, and thus YOU FOOD will not pay any paid leave or sickness benefits, or pension contributions. 


Person Specification for Sales Executives

Personality Traits

The Sales Executives are expected to possess the following personality traits:

  • Outgoing, friendly, easy to talk to, positive , smiley, and excellent listening skills
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, passionate.
  • Highly self-motivated
  • Comfortable with talking about money – discussing what it will cost the customer and what they may expect in return, with the customer.
  • A passion for food.



The Sales Executives are expected to possess the following skills:

  • Ability to be persuasive without being aggressive or annoying.
  • Tenacious, but knowing when it is time to give up.
  • Ability to read a person’s body language and know if they are interested, bored or frustrated.
  • Able to close a sale.
  • Ability to promote a positive argument for a food business to join YOU FOOD.
  • Ability to think on their feet, and have a reasonable answer for any question.
  • Ability to speak fluent English is essential.



The Sales Executives are expected to possess the following experience:

  • Experience of selling services to a business rather than to consumers is a huge advantage.
  • Experience of the food industry is a huge bonus.
  • Some previous sales experience is essential in whatever capacity.
  • Experience of selling a concept or a service, rather than a tangible product is preferred.
  • Experience of using social media is required (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).
  • Experience of using e-mail, and other office software applications, including Excel and Word is essential.
  • Experience of using a smartphone or tablet computer is necessary. .



The Sales Executives are expected to possess the following knowledge:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications on a PC or Mac is essential.
  • Knowledge of how to network effectively would be a huge advantage.
  • Knowledge of Facebook and Twitter, is essential, and Pinterest would be an advantage.



The following affiliations would be a distinct advantage, but are not essential:

  • Membership of one or more local networking groups.
  • 500+ following on Twitter
  • 50+ friends on Facebook
  • 500+ contacts on LinkedIn
  • Membership of a local group of any kind who you would be comfortable promoting YOU FOOD to.


If you think this role is for you, please send your CV to, with a covering letter or e-mail of about 100 to 200 words stating why.  Applications with no covering letter / e-mail will not be considered.  Suitable candidates will receive a detailed Sales Information / Training Pack, and if they are happy to proceed would then be invited to an interview.