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Nigel and Adam Farm Kitchen

Nigel and Adam’s Farm Kitchen

Nigel Slater and Adam Henson join forces to sow, grow, rear and cook Britain’s favourite foods from a working farm in the Cotswolds The four part series traces food from farm to fork.

Fenugreek growing in a pot

Foodie Friday – September 2013

FOODIE FRIDAY - your monthly food inspiration e-zine Autumn may be on the horizon, but things are hotting up at YOU| FOOD!Our new mobile app is also due to launch next mo..
Fenugreek growing in a pot

It’s all Fenugreek to me, by Jaspal Boyce

The last in the current series of blogs, by Jaspal Boyce, on growing your own vegetables and spices at home in pots. This time, it is the less well-known Fenugreek, with a tasty recipe as well.

Grow your own – an abundance of runner beans – by Jaspal Boyce

Jaspal Boyce continues her series of blogs about growing her own vegetables in pots, with no previous experience. In this blog, she enjoys a bumper crop of runner beans. Success again!

Let’s get seasonal – seasonal vegetables

Autumn is a great time for superb tasting British vegetables – and thanks to this year’s vegetable-friendly summer (plenty of sun, but a few rain showers too) they should be even better than ever.

Growing Vegetables in Pots, by Jaspal Boyce

Here is the second blog from Jaspal Boyce on growing your own vegetables in pots in the garden at home. With no previous experience, see how she got on……

Growing your own vegetables at home, by Jaspal Boyce

Jaspal Boyce loves cooking and enjoys her food, but has never considered growing her own until a friend gave her a vegetable plant. Read her series of blogs on how she got on.