Why shop at a Farmers’ Market?

Here are just some of the good reasons for shopping at your local Farmers’ Market:


Fresher food: buy direct from the growers; fruit and vegetables harvested recently – often in the past 24 hours – means tasty, healthy food and there’s less waste too.


Healthy food: fresh, local produce can be healthier for you than fruit and vegetables that have been chilled before sitting on a supermarket shelf.


Tastier food.


More variety: traditional varieties of fruit and vegetables, world-class award-winning cheeses, and some producers specialising in rare breeds.


Wide choice: you can choose from certified organic produce, conventionally grown, large-scale commercial farmers, and surplus from allotments.


Meet the producers: get to know the people who produce our food, find out more about what we eat and drink and where it comes from.


Support your local economy and protect the countryside too: the producers and growers you meet at the Farmers’ Market are doing their bit to maintain the glorious landscape and countryside of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.


Reduced packaging and waste: vegetables and fruit are often sold loose instead of pre-packed in plastic. Thames Valley Farmers’ Market Co-op bags can be used again and again, and make really useful gifts.


Fewer food miles: most of the producers live within 50 miles of a Farmers’ Market and that means your food hasn’t travelled thousands of miles via packing and distribution warehouses to the supermarkets.


But above all – Farmers’ Markets are fun!  And sociable too.  Most markets have a lively, friendly atmosphere and many also have craft stalls, seasonal events, children’s activities and other entertainments, and even the occasional raffle!

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