30 Day Challenge – new YOU FOOD community pages

This month YOU FOOD will be focused on developing its social network and building a community of food lovers who like to share their passion for food with others.
chopping mushrooms

cooking with kids

Here’s a picture of my daughter helping me to cook spaghetti carbonara yesterday evening – as an example of how I like to share my passion for food and cooking, by passing on my (somewhat basic) culinary skills to my children.

I’ve even signed up for a 30 Day Challenge at screwworkletsplay.com and have pledged to complete a number of tasks each day to make sure that we are successful in creating a really vibrant and buzzing network of people chatting about, and sharing, the food they love.

At the end of the challenge, I will be adding some exciting new features into the Community section of the website to help members to connect with each other more easily.  Exactly how this will look and how it will work has yet to be decided – so my first request to anyone reading this, is to post a comment at the bottom of this blog to let me know what sort of thing you would most like to see in our enhanced ‘community’ section.  For example:

  • We hope to add a chat function.
  • We could add sections for different ‘genres’ of food information – such as Organic, Local, Allergy-free, Indian, Home-grown or Molecular Gastronomy!
  • Our food business members could post news about their latest menus, special offers, staff changes, special events or new product ranges.
  • We could invite consumer members to post photos, restaurant recommendations and recipe ideas for simple, healthy, kids friendly, allergy friendly or dinner party dishes – and share cooking tips or information about great new ingredients that others may not have discovered yet.
  • We could offer a ‘Ready Steady Cook’ forum where anyone can post a list of ingredients (such as what’s left in the fridge at the end of a busy week) and others could suggest what could be cooked with those ingredients.
  • Once we have a decent sized ‘following’ from a particular area we could run a feature on that particular area – or even organise a community event!

These are just ideas – we’d love to hear what you think and we’d love to hear your ideas too!

So, to join the conversation, please post a comment in the box below and / or  click here to sign up now .

Once you’ve registered you will also be entitled to claim discounts from any food business that signs up as a member of our discount club – more details of which can be found on our Discount Scheme information page.

We’ll also let you know how the community section is coming along and how you can link up with the different things we are doing…

In the meantime, please take a look around the rest of the website and let us know what you think via the Contact Us page.

Also if you have a favourite food business that you’d like to share – please do Tell Us About Your Favourite Food Business.

Look forward to hearing from you…

Tracy  :-)


  1. user 4 Tracy says:
    Posted 07/03/2013 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

    Some more ideas to add, so see if you like the sound of these:

    Would you like us to run competitions by inviting food businesses to offer prizes, which members can enter via a single button click to answer the question … ?

    How about telling us what type of food business you’re looking for and we’ll find you something appropriate in your area (even if it isn’t already featured on our website) …?

  2. As a mum on a budget, I love the Ready Steady Cook idea! How about doing that as a Facebook group that people can join in easily with?

  3. user 4 Tracy says:
    Posted 19/03/2013 at 12:08 am | Permalink

    Excellent, thanks Grace – the Ready Steady Cook idea is one of my favourites too. I’ve thought about a Facebook group … just wondering how this will work with 2 membership lists … but watch this space!

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