A ‘choc-tastic’ birthday party

  • Tracy
  • 05/07/2013 6:43 pm

It sounded like a good idea for a birthday party with a bit of a difference – and it certainly was. What group of 8-year-olds wouldn’t delight in the idea of spending an hour or so in a chocolate shop, decorating chocolate?

Auberge du Chocolat shop front

For some parents the thought of 10 children ‘painting’ chocolate shapes with pastel coloured liquid chocolate and sweets might sound like a recipe for a very messy occasion – but as the party takes place outside your own home – in Auberge du Chocolat (in Gerrards Cross or Chesham) and under the no-nonsense guidance of ‘the Chocolate lady’ – it really is a very simple and enjoyable birthday party solution for busy parents.

Anne Scott, who hosts the parties, prides herself in being able to cater for pretty much any theme that your son or daughter might be into at the time, so we really tested her creativity with a ‘gymnastic’ theme and she didn’t fail to impress!

After a quick bite to eat (not provided as part of the party, but taken along to keep the girls tummies from rumbling after a hard day at school) Anne gathered all the girls together, introduced herself as the chocolate lady and started off with some action games to make sure that they were all paying attention. She then began telling a very imaginative gymnastic themed story that proceeded to lead the girls inside to wash their hands before starting the chocolate decorating element of the party.

Auberge du Chocolat party

Once inside with all hands carefully washed, the girls took their seats and were each given a little chocolate character to decorate. The melted chocolate ‘paint’, in a selection of pastel colours, was placed in the middle of the table.  The children were then reminded ‘not to lick their fingers at any time’ and told to dive in to start colouring in the little characters’ clothes and faces.

After all the chocolate animals had been properly ‘dressed’, the girls were given a flat sheet of chocolate and told that they would be creating an Olympic gymnastic arena.  The bars and beams and floor mats were then created using a wide selection of sweets, more chocolate ‘paint’ and a jovial string of instructions, suggestions and reminders from ‘the chocolate lady’.

To my surprise, the gymnasiums started to take shape and still the girls fingers were covered in chocolate with very little evidence of any eating or finger-licking taking place. And it was clear that the girls were really enjoying themselves.

After a quick clear-up it was time to sing happy birthday and cut the birthday cake (for taking home) while the girls each choose an ice cream from the wide selection of flavours offered by Auberge du Chocolat.

Auberge du Chocolat creation

As the party came to a close, the only down side was that the gymnasiums didn’t quite survive being popped into little plastic bags that were provided as an alternative to a party bag, but let’s face it, the creations were always going to be eaten pretty soon after the event anyway and it’s the taking part that counts!

What’s even more important is that the girls had a great time with feedback from the party goers including:

“It was great.”  “The chocolate lady was a bit strict, but very funny!”  And best of all from the birthday girl herself – “It was Choc-tastic!”


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