Our first YOU FOOD giveaway – a months supply of Eat Natural cereal bars

  • Tracy
  • 07/06/2013 1:51 am

Eat Natural, which makes delicious bars of dried fruit and chunky nuts, is offering 10 YOU FOOD fans the chance to win a bundle of Eat Natural cereal bars – enough for one every day of the month.

Eat Natural giveaway

Eat Natural giveaway

Eat Natural has been making bars by hand, in small batches, for 15 years and prides itself on its commitment to simple, uncluttered bars of juicy pieces of dried fruit, the chunkiest nuts, and the finest honey. A little dried coconut is added too, because it’s naturally sweet and a fantastic source of fibre. There are plenty of new delights to choose from, including their Fruits And Fibre bars and a new range of toasted mueslis too.

Eat Natural bars and mueslis are available in all sorts of places – from most supermarkets to independent health shops, cafes, and even on Amazon, if you want to buy in bulk. Made by the principle of natural nutrition, this means that the produce is naturally good for you because of the ingredients and the way that the bars are made. They are particularly great to snack mid-morning or after the gym or a run, as they are packed with slow-release energy from the nuts and dried fruit.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to visit the following page to Tell us about your favourite food business and the first 10 people to do so will win a month’s supply of these delicious bars.

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