Christmas tips – different vegetables for Christmas lunch !

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  • 22/12/2012 9:17 pm
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Cover of Nigel Slater's recipe bookA YOU FOOD tip:   A lot of people hate Brussels sprouts, although personally I love them if they are cooked properly.  The biggest mistake made in most households at Christmas is to overcook them, which makes them very soft and quite bitter.  Cook them for just 7 minutes in boiling water, and then try one.  If it is still crisp, crunchy and sweet, but soft enough to eat, then it is done!    Why not serve with chopped bacon and roasted pine nuts (fry these alongside, whilst you boil the sprouts), to make them utterly delicious!     Nigel Slater would suggest frying your Brussels sprouts (no boiling at all) with bacon, an onion and almonds in butter, with some cream added at the end.  This can be found in his recipe book here, and has been featured in the Guardian on-line here.

Here are a few other tips from Saturday Kitchen on the BBC on 22nd December 2012:

Bill Granger suggests:  chopped sweet potatoes and chopped beetroot (both in wedges) in a baking tray covered in olive oil, salt and pepper, roasted.  15 minutes before they are ready, cover with honey and vinegar and chilli flakes, and finish off.

Honey and sherry roast parsnips

Galton Blackiston suggests:  savoy cabbage sliced thinly, blanched and baked with chestnuts, bacon, and shallots.

James Martin suggests:  you cover your parsnips in honey and sherry right at the last minute – they will soak up the sherry and be coated in the honey.   He suggests that you do your potatoes as dauphinoise potatoes, but use slices of turnip as well as potato, for a wonderful Christmas taste.

There you are!  A few quick tips to make your Christmas dinner a little bit different this year.  Don’t forget to check out Nigel Slater’s Perky Turkey recipe, which you can see here, for a very different way to use up your left over turkey, which is full of flavour, light and refreshing.

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