Should we eat meat? The Big Health Dilemma

As the grand-daughter of a butcher, a keen healthy-eating advocate and (much to my grandfather’s disappointment at the time) a former vegetarian, I was very interested to watch this week’s BBC Horizon programme about meat.
Meat / health dilemma

Meat / health dilemma

Having watch the programme with interest, the key conclusions that I drew from it are as follows:

  • processed foods are probably bad for you
  • saturated fat certainly isn’t as bad as we have been led to believe in the past
  • and that – what a surprise – you are best off eating a balanced diet with meat in moderation and vegetables a plenty.

One of my favourite nutritionists – Jenny Philips of Inspired Nutrition – writes more on the subject here.

You can also catch the show on iPlayer at:

and find out more at:


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