Welcome to FOODIE FRIDAY – your regular burst of eating inspiration for a fabulous food-filled weekend.
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It’s Foodie Friday

Your monthly burst of food inspiration

Welcome to our second Food Friday e-newsletter and, we hope, the start of summer!

This weekend you can find us on the YOU FOOD stand at the Love Food Festival of Food & Drink in Gerrards Cross (next to the Memorial Centre in East Common) from 10am to 5pm on Friday 7th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June.  See our West London, Berks & Bucks events page for more details.

If you are able to pop by we’d love to see you to share some of the local food samples we’ve gathered – along with heaps of information about the many food businesses that we’ve been exploring recently.

There’s been a lot going on at YOU FOOD this month – most notably we’ve been busy developing the optimal way to ‘localise’ our website so that everyone can find the shops, restaurants, cafes and food producers that provide exactly the kind of food, facilities, ethos and atmosphere that you are looking for, within easy reach of your homes.

We know we’ve not achieve localised perfection just yet, but we are busy adding new content all the time so we’ll hopefully get to the area closest to your home, heart and tummy just as soon as we can.

For all our members living in or around South Bucks, you can find what we have for you so far at:

Wherever you live – there’s something for you too – so please see below for our Eat Natural giveaway, where the first 10 lucky winners will receive a months supply of Eat Natural cereal bars.

We’ve kept the email simple this month, but hope you’ll enjoy the meaty, barbecue-season inspired stories that we’ve got for you below.  We’ll be returning to our more ‘content-rich’ e-zine format next month.

In the meantime, pop down to your local butcher to see what exciting barbecue treats they have in store for you – then get the barbecue started and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Happy eating…


The_Village_Butchers_Denham, John Lavers and son Eat Natural bars Portman_Burtley_cows
Get to know your local butcher

Meet John Lavers who runs The Village Butchers in Denham and -through his meat delivery business Legion Foods – has been supplying meat to the catering trade for over 25 years.

YOU FOOD giveaway

Find out more about Eat Natural cereal bars, then follow the link to tell us about your favourite food business.  The first 10 people to do so will win a months supply of luxurious, healthy and delicious Eat Natural cereal bars.

Looking for high quality Buckinghamshire beef?

Look no further than the Portman Burtley Estate.  This interview with Estate Manager, Andrew Allan gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the estate.

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