Great news for cheese fans

I can hardly contain my excitement about this blog post, as there are so many elements to it that devout foodies such as myself are always on the look out for …
La Cremerie Xmas 2013
  • A carefully selected, low-effort source of gorgeous food delivered to your door;
  • The perfect present for someone who means a lot, but is difficult buy for – so ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or … yes, you guessed it … Christmas;
  • The most exciting foodie novelty I’ve seen in a while, in the form of a decorative cheese tower … think wedding cake alternative or big celebration centerpiece;
  • Even better, there has been talk in the news recently that low-carb, high protein diets are a better solution for effective weight-loss than low-fat diets – yippee!

So what is the source of all this excitement I hear you cry?  Well, it’s La Crèmerie – an online, artisan cheese ordering haven and regular source of Great British cheese inspiration and deliciousness (if you excuse my exuberance).

With La Crèmerie you can either place a single order as a gift or as a ‘because I’m worth it’ treat; or as a fantastic finishing point for even the most salubrious of dinner parties or festive gatherings.  Or you can join La Cremerie club (or provide membership as a gift to a loved one) and receive a regular monthly supply of specially selected artisan cheeses, with guidance on how to enjoy them at their best.

celebration-cheese-towerNow while I compose myself after all that dairy-licious excitement there’s more good news.  As someone with more of a weakness for late night cheese nibbling than chocolate munching I’ve been delighted to learn recently that there is growing evidence to support the fact that low-fat diets don’t work and that to maintain a trim and healthy body we are better off eating a balance of ‘real’ foods that avoid high carbohydrates and sugars.  Which essentially means, avoid the cakes and especially the heavily processed so called ‘diet’ ready meals and bring on the cheese (avoiding too many biscuits of course) … well, I don’t like to brag, but it has always worked for me!

If you don’t believe me, you can read the full article here.

Or if you’re happy to take my word for it and just want to get your hands on the cheese, then hop straight to our: La Cremerie page for the full details.

Or go direct to their website to place an order at:

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