Growing your own vegetables at home, by Jaspal Boyce

Jaspal Boyce loves cooking and enjoys her food, but has never considered growing her own until a friend gave her a vegetable plant.  Read her series of blogs on how she got on.

Home grown vegetables

Lucky or Green Fingers?


I don’t claim to be an experienced gardener; I just dabble and hope for the best. This year I was thrown in to the deep end with growing vegetables when a friend gave me a Courgette plant, green bean plants and a tomato plant. As I gratefully received them I thought to myself, “Oh dear, what are they thinking bestowing such wonderful gifts on someone who knows nothing about growing vegetables.”  Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained ; so I proceeded to the garden with enthusiasm.

My first hurdle was that there was no room for them, so I decided to plant them in pots, influenced by what I had seen and heard on the telly: ‘It’s easy to grow your own vegetables and you do not need much space to do this!’  So into the pots they went. After a few weeks of watering, wondering if anything was going the happen, the green beans shot up and the courgettes grew as if it was from another world.

Home Grown CarrotsTo my surprise, I got a great crop of courgettes and green beans.  I could not contain my excitement as I created meals with my harvest: it was all very exhilarating and I even sent off for the free Which guide for growing your own vegetables!   Now I’m thinking of all the possibilities – so this really could be a start of something for me, as I love cooking with fresh ingredients; yet shopping for them is often a chore.

Was I lucky or do I have green fingers?  When I discussed this with my husband he promptly pointed to the tomato plant – I had managed to get one tomato and that was it! This bought me back down to earth with a bump … although tomatoes are red so maybe I do have green fingers – and therefore can only grow green vegetables. I guess we will just have to see…

Should I continue or should I quit while I am ahead with the art of growing vegetables?

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