Health drinks that taste great

I have to admit, I didn’t think I would feature this product when I first heard about it, but after seeing how much it has transformed my friend and her husband, in just a few weeks, I decided that had to try it for myself – and now after just a few days I feel compelled to share the love too!

As a health conscious food lover, the idea of replacing meals with a powdered shake has previously sent shivers down my spine – mainly because there are plenty of healthy and tasty ‘real’ food options that can be created for anyone trying to lose weight.

However, I have recently become aware of how hard it can be to eat healthily when you lead a busy life; don’t have the knowledge or budget to easily find healthy options (I’m always horrified by how cheap most junk food is compared to healthy alternatives) or simply have a palate that craves those naughty snacks and try as you might, you just can’t kick your unhealthy eating habits.

Which is one of the key reasons why Vi Shape nutritional shakes provide a great solution for people trying to lose weight or improve their nutritional intake, as they really do taste amazing – like cake mix in fact – which obviously helps anyone with a sweet tooth to stay on track with their goals.

Although the standard ‘Sweet Cream Flavour’ may be a bit on the sweet side for many people, Vi Shape actually mixes beautifully with all manner of other ingredients – including coffee, orange juice and vegetables! So whatever your flavour preferences you are sure to find a simple recipe that works for you too (watch this space for more on that soon).

Another benefit of the Vi Shape health drinks is that they provide a great solution for anyone finding their energy levels suffering as a result of being too busy to eat healthily – and so ending up not eating much at all – and then knowing that when you do manage a decent meal your body will hang on to it and store it all as fat, as it doesn’t know when it will get fuel again.  So as I currently work long hours and find it hard to squeeze in 3 meals a day, I’m always looking for fast healthy ideas to keep my energy levels up and my metabolism working, as I do find it hard to carry fruit with me all the time and finding fresh fruit on small high streets is often impossible (another bugbear of mine, which I’m sure I’ll be mentioning another time!)

So, having looked into the Vi Shape mix by Body By Vi in a fair amount of detail it does seem to offer a really good, healthy option for anyone wanting to properly take control of their health and weight management, or their energy levels to help them perform better at work – or as part a fitness training programme, as many people are finding the Body By Vi Challenge useful for that too.

I’ve decided to try one shake per day, instead of either breakfast or lunch, in order to keep my nutrition and energy levels up – which is already proving effective after just 3 days!

I will let you know how my challenge progresses via future posts, but in the meantime find out more by clicking here.

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