How to get the most flesh off of a mango

  • Clive
  • 20/09/2012 1:01 pm
  • Cook

Mangoes are delicious fruits, but they are a real pain to cut up, as the flesh doesn’t want to come off of the stone, Mangoand the skin doesn’t want to come off of the fruity flesh either.  Here is a video of how to get the maximum amount of the flesh off of the stone, and then how to cube your two halves of mango, so that you can easily pull the cubes of flesh off from the skin.  In the video, the presenter actually cuts too deeply at this stage, and cuts through the skin a bit.  Ideally, you would leave the skin perfectly intact, to aid the easiest removal  of the cubes of flesh.  Note that this is an American video, so they use the term “pit” where we would use the word “stone”.

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