Official YOU FOOD launch – 12:12 on 12/12/12

Today is a day to remember!  Not only is it 12.12.12 – it’s also the day we launch YOU FOOD, an innovative new food website.  Not only will YOU FOOD help you to find great new places to eat, shop and find out about food products, YOU FOOD will save you money!

What is YOU FOOD?

The purpose of our new food website is to help people find the food they love at their fingertips whilst receiving a discount too.  We have a database of food businesses, ranging from restaurants to pubs, butchers to bakers, local delicatessens to home-style jam and chutney makers.

Why Should I Join?

YOU FOOD Club Members  (YOU FOODIES) will receive discounts of at least 10% when eating out and 5% when shopping (from our discount member businesses only) as well as regular special offers and promotions from a whole range of eating establishments, food shops and food-related product, cookware and recipe books.

The Really Good News…

This is where you come in – we are offering FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR LIFE to YOU FOOD for those registering before the offer runs out.  We are keen to kick-start the website and show businesses we are thriving, so are waiving our £15 per annum fee for a limited period.  Simply go to: and register quickly and simply and a Membership Card will be created for you to print off.

How You Can Help Yourself (and Your Favourite Food Haunts)

YOU FOOD also needs business members who will give you a discount (we have some of these lined up already); so to make sure that you can use your discount card at the food places you love, please click here to send details of your favorite food businesses, we then take over and encourage your favourite food businesses to sign-up to YOU FOOD so that you get a discount every time you visit.

Want to Earn Money Too?

We’re also looking for a YOU FOOD SALES TEAM – a passionate bunch of YOU FOOD fans keen to earn money by signing up local businesses.  We pay up to £25* each time a new YOU FOOD business member is signed up, so let us know if you are interested in joining the YOU FOOD Sales Team and we will contact you with more details.

Spread the Word

Please tell your friends about us too.  They’ll also get FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR LIFE (as long as they sign up quickly before we reach our free membership limit).

Help us and we will help you.  More members, more businesses = more food freedom and financial benefits for YOU.

So, please do sign up for FREE, before this offer expires, and encourage your friends to become YOU FOODIES too.

Thank you for your help.

Best wishes,

Clive and Tracy Reader

Founders and Directors of YOU FOOD

* commission amount depends on the value of the membership package

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