Rick Stein Live at the London Palladium

2013-12-09 21.03.12On Monday 9th December 2013, for one night only, Rick Stein was Live at the London Palladium. I think everyone was intrigued as to how such an event could successfully transfer to the big stage.

The show coincided with the launch of his book ‘Under the Mackerel Sky’ and the idea was for Rick to bring his travels to life in this two hour culinary journey, preparing an array of dishes whilst telling stories and showing footage from his various TV series, including highlights from his most recent series from India and to share cooking tips and his favourite recipes for the Christmas season.

This was the first time anything like this had been performed live on a London stage. The show was presented by Brian Turner who I think did a good job in keeping things on track and also to plug the Virgin wines to accompany the various meals. Virgin wines were one of the two sponsors for the event and I think this contrived placement was a bit inappropriate for the event. Also Brian spent all evening topping his glass and guzzling the wine though I’m sure that with the stress of the evening it was very much needed.

Rick’s son, Jack, also joined them on stage to assist with the cooking and add some of his stories with his Dad. Jack came across well and was a welcome addition to the evening.

Rick’s faithful dog, Chalky, was heavily featured in the stories as well as a few film clips and a picture was lowered next to the large screen, which was very sweet.2013-12-09 21.17.06

It was an enjoyable evening; however the cooking part suffered as the anecdotes from Rick took longer than they had anticipated and were rushed and quite a bit was done when the films were being shown. You would certainly get a better experience of the cooking on television and perhaps not from row Q, where we were seated; you could not even smell the delights being cooked. Rick also became a little frustrated with Brian for rushing him and seemed to not appreciate that they were on a tight schedule.

Whilst the stories and film footage were interesting I am not sure the format quite worked but overall it was a good effort for a live performance but would need some fine tuning if this was done again.

Finally, since the driving force of the event was probably Rick’s new autobiography (which they continually plugged), I would have expected signed books to be on offer with a possible quick meet and greet afterwards. Instead, Rick looked and seemed relieved for it all to be over and after a quick wave walked off stage.

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