Tasty Tomatoes

Tasty Tomatoes imageDo you remember tasty tomatoes from your youth, or have you discovered the true taste of tomatoes when on holiday in the Mediterranean?   If so, you are probably fed up with the uniform tasteless offering which we have to put up with in the UK, called a tomato, but actually tasting like a red bag of water.

As Anthea Gerrie writes in The Independent, supermarkets are beginning to latch on the the fact that we might prefer to buy tomatoes which taste of tomato – that rich succulent flavour that comes from outdoor-grown tomatoes which have been given the time to mature properly and develop their flavour – and they are now starting to make them available in their chains, often sourced within the UK, instead of force-feeding us the flavourless products of the great mechanised greenhouses of Holland and the Canaries, which still grow for uniform size and maximum yield, and set robots to pick and pack their vapid fruits far too early.

Below are eight varieties to look out for in farmers markets, as well as increasingly in the supermarkets:

Kumato: Dark green to chocolate in appearance, this new firm-skinned variety developed in Sicily and now grown on a small scale in Britain, is bursting with flavour, perfect sliced to munch with cheese. Cherry on the vine: A totally different creature to the tasteless, mass-produced cherry tomatoes of old, this is now widely available, perfect for salads, lunchboxes and snacking. Piccolo is one of the best. Green Tiger: Small, stripey tomato which can be almost black, and is brilliant roasted with olive oil and a little garlic, but not so good to eat raw. Red and Gold Santini: Little red and deep-yellow plum tomatoes. Gold Santinis are much sweeter than the pale yellow cherry tomato, and are beautiful mixed with their red cousins. M&S exclusive.
Marmande: Flat, ribby beef tomatoes, soft, sweet and juicy, carried by some Waitrose stores. Coeur de boeuf: Pyramid-shaped, can be hollow and dry inside, but perfect for stuffing with couscous or tuna salad. Jack Hawkins: Traditional red beef tomato, tasty sliced for sandwiches – a Waitrose exclusive. Marizol Gold is a huge yellow beef weighing more than half a pound. Exquisite sliced and layered with diced monkfish and sliced, blanched potatoes, sprinkled with herbs, baked for 20 minutes and served with aioli.


For those who don’t know, a “beef tomato” is a larger tomato variety.

This article was created from an original article by Anthea Gerrie in The Independent, on 10th August 2012.   For the full original article, please click on the link below:


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