Tea for two and two great tea companies…

There are few things that people associate with the epitome of Britishness more than a nice cup of tea. Yet it is well known that tea most likely originated from China and since our climate isn’t conducive to growing tea I’m happy to accept that this is a product that has to be imported. Here we’ve featured two British-based companies importing and selling some fantastic varieties.

According to Wikipedia – and Alan & Iris McFarlane in their book The Empire of Tea: “after water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.”


What I love about tea is the wide variety of flavours available from all around the world – yet most people stick with their regular brew of basic tea leaves crushed to a powder and stuck in a bag with a drop of milk and sometimes sugar.  For me, if that’s your only experience of tea, then you’re missing out on a world of fascinating flavour sensations – not to mention the wonderful aromas that waft through your nose and can change your mood in an instance.

A relatively recent discovery however has taken my enjoyment of speciality teas to a whole new level – and that discovery is natural, loose leaf tea, with an enormous range of varieties from black, to white, to green and rooibos, along with all manner of herbal combinations.


If you like pure, distinctive flavours then head to Teapigs for dazzling array of options that you can select from using their ‘mood-o-metre’ to make your selection according to you mood.  Simply visit – http://www.teapigs.co.uk/ – and scroll down a bit to find this option.

Having tried a number of different varieties my favourite flavours are Chamomile, Peppermint and Super fruit – although I’ve recently discovered that they sell a number of unusual options that I am now keen to try such as Popcorn, Chocolate flake and Chilli chai.

Or, if you like mixing things up I would also recommend the innovative blends from EqualiTea http://equalitea.co.uk/

I tried a flavoured green tea called Lady Yang Guifei containing litchi and pear, a Rooibos mix with exotic fruits and coconut chips called The African and a herbal blend called Balance containing liquorice, apple pieces, chamomile, verbena, mint, coriander and ginger.


While I loved them all a few experiments highlighted that you can over do the strength of the green tea if you missed the recommend brewing time of just 3 minutes (compared to many others which are between 5 & 8 minutes) and for me, the rooibos – being a black tea – definitely benefits from a drop of milk or lemon.

As for the Balance blend, for me this was pure heaven and I am now officially an addict – which is great news as it help me to stave off my need for other vices that are bad for my health, and opt instead for this one which is good for my health!

You can also find out more in their fabulous tea encyclopedia at - http://equalitea.co.uk/about/tea/

If you’ve tried either of these brands, please let us know your favourites in the comments box below.

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