Walking for Weightloss with Sarah Liveing

Walking for Weightloss

Sarah Liveing - Walking for Weightloss

Sarah Liveing – Walking for Weightloss

My initial meeting with Sarah Liveing was very enjoyable. I was greeted by her and her two very lovely dogs,  Alfie and Freddie. If you are not a dog lover that’s ok as all you have to do is let Sarah know. I love dogs so I did not mind the little Cockapoo’s wandering about touting for attention as dogs do. Anyway, the purpose of our meeting was to find out a bit more about Walking for Weightloss and its ethos.

Sarah herself lost 8 stones using this method, dropping from a size 26 to size 12. The process begins with an initial consultation which lasts about 2 hours and all the vital statistics are collected such as blood pressure, BMI, weight and a fitness test is also carried out. A questionnaire has also been devised which helps to identify eating habits or triggers that send people towards food even when they are not hungry. Then, through a customised programme of power walking, talking and a healthy eating plan the benefits should soon become apparent.

I thought I would give it a go and I have to say Sarah really makes you feel at ease. The power walking is based on the speed of the individual and should be at a suitable pace where you are not out of breath but your heart rate is increased. The walk is usually about an hour and then there are stretching exercises after, which really helps. I found that I was talking so much that I did not realise how far and fast we had walked; it was a lot of fun and extremely therapeutic and I felt great afterwards.

Walking for Weight Loss

During the walk we talked about my eating that week and strategies to deal with such things as eating out, buffets and celebrations.

As Christmas is fast approaching, the strategies discussed were extremely useful and I was keen to know how to enjoy it without feeling guilty.

Sarah provided useful suggestions that can easily be adopted, making certain food situations easier to cope with and still keeping on track with the plan to get fitter and shift some pounds.

If you block book then half way through there is a review on your progress and your programme can be tweaked to ensure that maximum benefit is achieved.


If you have a weekly or fortnightly session with Sarah you will be given some homework to do and that is usually about 40 minutes of power walking per day, 3-4 times per week. This can be done in one session or in 10 or 20 mins slots during the day.

The walking is really enjoyable and in no time you will start to feel better; I really look forward to the walks and talks with Sarah.

So give it a try you won’t regret it.

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