What does Barack Obama eat for breakfast?

Smoking_gun_porridge_220x1024Well, if we can believe Smoking Gun PR Agency, he eats porridge, as do many leading figures and powerful people, they claim, although my own research on the internet seems to suggest that Barack Obama eats four to six eggs, potatoes, and wheat toast, and every now and then fruit, bacon, and oatmeal.  Another source suggests that he eats fried egg whites and bacon.  Yet another that he ate iced donuts (as the American’s spell it) on the Presidential campaign trail, as they were a convenient source of calories to fortify him for the day ahead.

I found a blog purporting to be by Barack Obama (but I think it’s a fake) (http://theuniversityblog.co.uk/tag/barack-obama/), which clearly says that he has porridge for breakfast every morning to save him having to make a choice – he has enough big decisions to make during the day, without having to make the little decision of what to eat for breakfast.

Robert C. Pozen, a Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, says the following:

There was one particular question that Michael Lewis asked repeatedly of President Obama. Lewis presented the president with the following scenario: “Assume that in thirty minutes you will stop being president. I will take your place. Prepare me. Teach me how to be president.”

The president first touted the necessity of daily exercise — a habit that I endorse wholeheartedly. But what he said next was even more interesting: “You’ll see I wear only grey or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”

No mention of what he actually eats for breakfast, but maybe there was elsewhere in Lewis’ article.

However, porridge for breakfast is said to be good for you because oats are a good source of insoluble fibre and may help to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Oats also release energy slowly, making you feel fuller for longer.

We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing energy to kick start our day’s activities. Despite this, worrying statistics show that one in seven people miss breakfast five times a week due to their busy schedules, with half of Brits admitting their energy levels are hit if they skip breakfast. Many experts also argue that skipping breakfast actually leads to weight gain, as if you have a big breakfast, then you feel full for most of the day, and you have the whole day to burn off the calories you consume, whereas, if you miss breakfast, you tend to snack all day, and probably have a big evening meal, which you have no time to burn off before you go to bed.

Smoking Gun PR Agency has produced the infographic on the left illustrating the importance of breakfast and the rising popularity of porridge because of its health benefits.

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