Chocolate and Cherry Cupcake recipe

Chocolate and Cherry Cupcake recipe

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Basic Dark Chocolate Recipe (makes approx. 12 cupcakes)

226g self raising flour
226g butterDSC_0029_399
226g caster sugar
6 eggs
2 heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder
100g of melted dark chocolate buttons, callets or broken pieces
12 cupcake cases

Pre-heat your oven to Gas Mark 3/325F/170C.

Cream your butter in a mixer then add the caster sugar. Add in the flour along with half of the eggs for around one minute. Once half of the eggs are combined, add the remaining, and mix for about 5 minutes.  Add in your melted dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Mix.

Fill your cupcake cases until 2/3 full and place on the top shelf. Bake for around 20/25 minutes.

Cherry Buttercream Recipe

250g butter
300-350g icing sugar / confectioner’s sugar
6-12 drops of cherry essence
Cherry Pink gel paste food colour
Piping Tip (We used the Ateco 858 tip)

Add half of the butter diced into pieces. Cream the butter in a mixer then gradually add icing sugar and the remaining butter (cut into cubes) until you get a smooth, creamy texture. Add in your cherry essence. Finally add some pink gel paste food colour with black gel paste food colour until you get your desired dark cherry colour.

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Recipe and tutorial found at JuniperCakery.