Flavour, recipe book

Flavour, recipe book

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by Vicky Bhogal

Published by Hodder & Stoughton

Vicky loves to create eclectic new recipes by borrowing the flavours, ingredients and ideas that she discovers around the world and blending them to her own tastes, particularly aiming to bring new flavours together, in a similar way to the molecular gastronomy popularised by Heston Blumenthal, although these recipes do not require you to be a top chef in order to create them yourself at home, and use ingredients that you can find in the supermarket.  This book contains over 100 recipes, covering nibbles, starters, main courses, and deserts, including wafer-sliced duck risotto with spiced plums and star anise; Turkish delight chocolate ice-cream drops; and white pears on black ice (which is pears stewed in coconut milk on a coffee granita); and they all contain suggestions for variations that you might also try.

Price £20.  ISBN: 978-0-340-96318-0.