Halloween Spooky Ghost Toppers recipe

Halloween Spooky Ghost Toppers recipe

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What you need to make your spooky ghosts:

Black Edible Ink Pen
White fondant / sugarpaste
Kebab sticks
Large plain circle cutter
Tylo powder
White candy melts
Fondant rolling pin

Step one: Pipe your cupcakes with swirls of buttercream

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Step two: Cut down three kebab sticks to about 4 to 5 inches in height (though you should compare this alongside your cupcakes).

Step three: Mix some tylo powder in with some white sugarpaste fondant and form into spherical balls about the diameter of a 10-pence piece.


Step four: Melt some candy melts. (Tip: We pop some in a disposable piping bag, melt them in the microwave and then snip the bag).  Apply a little to the top of the kebab sticks and carefully slide the sugarpaste balls on.


Step five: Leave these to dry and harden. You can stand your sticks upright by pushing them into a cake dummy or a thick cardboard box… or by even leaving them to stand in a high and narrow container (e.g. a coffee pot).

Step six: When the balls are a little firmer push these into the centre of your piped cupcakes.


Step seven: Roll out some white sugar paste to around 2mm thick and cut out as many circles as there are cupcakes using a plain circle cutter.


Step eight: Carefully lay your circles out over the kebab stick and fondant ball ‘lollipops’ in your cupcakes and arrange the bottoms of them to look like flowing ghostly shapes. This takes a steady hand as you can end up smearing the buttercream underneath!


Step nine: For the finishing touch carefully draw some creepy (or funny) faces on your little ghosts!


Your finished Ghost cupcakes are ready for your Halloween Party!

Tutorial, recipe and ingredients found at JuniperCakery