Hot Chocolate Custom Kit, christmas gift

Hot Chocolate Custom Kit, christmas gift

Full Description

These little gifts are such a brilliant idea for socking fillers and are completely customisable!



 You can fill plastic tube containers with anything good to mix or dunk

in a cup of cocoa. Here is what you could included:

- Mini Marshmallows

- Drinking chocolate to make that cup of hot chocolate extra rich, 2 teaspoons per mug. (Look for the fine shavings, cocoa powder will clump.)

- Crushed candy canes.

- Malted milk powder (1 teaspoon per mug).

- Miniature shortbread cookies

- Chocolate dipped candy cane sticks or miniature candy canes.

- Wafer cookies.



You could include little wooden stir sticks with christmas details:



To decorate the stir sticks simply used thread and some silver washi tape (or any pretty christmas tape). You can use just about anything! left to right: Felt holly leaves, mini silver bells, mini plastic balls, small thin tinsel.



You can also add labels to your tubes, so they know how much to use:



Use a rubber band and to keep the tubes together and finish with a festive ribbon!



Finally, why not add a little bottle of booze if the gift is for an adult.


Images and gift idea was found at Kirtsy’s Blog