Indigo Menu


Malai tikka                                            
Tender juicy chicken chunks with cheese, ginger & curd, cooked in clay oven.
Nizami Murgh Tikka                                    
Classic chicken chunks marinated with chilli, fresh garlic, yoghurt & rose petal.

Makhmali Seekh

Lightly spiced fine chicken mince cooked in clay oven.

Achari Murgh
Chicken chunks, marinated with pickling spices, cooked in clay.
Bhatti di Batak
Cubes of duck marinated with traditional home made spices.
Kurkuri Batak
Shredded duck spring onion ,carrot & ginger wrapped in filo pastry.
Awadhi Lamb Chops
Select cuts of rack of lamb, an absolute sizzler from indigo.
Raunak – e – seekh
Lamb mince wrapped with jumbles of bell peppers and onion, char-grilled in clay oven.
Tandoori Thai Prawn
Jumbo prawn marinated with chef deepak’s special thai recipe for those who want change.
Prawn Indigo Zec Zac
Jumbo prawns from Indian Ocean with red chili turmeric, sesame seeds.
Pahari Macchi Tikka
Coriander, mint and lemon rind, mustard, and marinated with yogurt.
Macchi Patialeywali
Sea bass fillet with red chili, ginger, garlic & gram flour.
Chatpata Paneer Tikka
Tasteful combination of homemade cottage cheese & kashmiri bell pepper, barbequed to delight your plate.
Malai Broccoli
Fresh broccoli marinated with yoghurt & cream topped with cheese.
Khumb Banbasa
Mushroom stuffed with pickle vegetable, cottage cheese, strawberry jam & deep fried.
Chef Deepak’s Special Putchka 
Popular Delhi street fare of potatoes, chick peas with homemade tamarind chutney.
Chili Gobhi
Fresh cauliflower tossed in soya, fresh garlic, ginger & hint of tomato.
Chili Paneer
Cottage cheese tossed with soya sauce fresh garlic & colour pepper.
Chinese Bhel
Fried noodle tossed with chop onion, coriander & tamarind chutney.
Atomic Kappa
Cassava tossed with mustard, tamarind & chef Deepak’s special spices.
Sunheri Bhutta Kebab
Mashed sweet corn, green peas & potatoes with fresh ginger,
coated with vermicelli.
Papadum Basket
Assorted papadum with chutney.
Masala Pappad
Spicy papadum topped with tomato onion’s, coriander chili.

Chicken breast                              

Chicken breast with chutney and sauce served with sautéed broccoli.

Scottish Salmon                                
Fresh salmon marinated with rosemary & garlic, pepper served with bed of spinach & tomato sauce.

Lamb steak                                                 

Rosemary marinated steak of lamb with cumin potatoes and red wine lamb jus.
Sea Bass                                             
Pepper grilled sea bass with vegetable and white wine sauce.

Kukkad Makhani                                         
Chicken tikka, cooked in fresh tomato, cashew nut & fenugreek infused sauce.
Murgh Dhania Tamater                               
Chicken cooked with crushed coriander, garlic, onion & tomato gravy.
Delhi Chilli Chicken                                       
Chicken thigh cube tossed with soya, fresh green chilli, ginger & garlic.
Kadai Murgh                                                
Chicken thigh cube tossed with fresh garlic, crush coriander, ginger & assorted peppers.
Thai Chicken Green Curry                          

Chicken chunks cooked with classic thai green spices.

Kachi Mirch Ka Gosht

A semi dry lamb curry with bhavnagiri chilli.

Kashmiri Rogan Josh                                   
The classic lamb curry of Kashmir, undoubtedly a prince among curries.
Achari Gosht                                   
Lamb cubes cooked with pickling spices & fresh ginger, garlic & tomatoes.
Saag gosht                                                    
Traditional lamb dish cooked with fresh pure spinach, garlic & ground spices.
Kadai Gosht                                                 
Lamb cubes tossed with fresh garlic, crushed coriander, ginger & assorted peppers.
Nalli Ka Khallia                                            

A dish of royal Hyderabad, lamb shank cooked with brown onion, fresh ginger and garlic.

Fish Moily                                                    
Tilapia fish with ginger, coconut milk, curry leaf sauce.
Prawn Moily                                               
Jumbo prawn with ginger, coconut milk, curry leaf sauce.
Jhinga Pepper Masala                              

King prawns tossed with fresh colour peppers & onion tomato masala.

Malvani Fish Curry

Talapia fish simmered with curry leaf, coconut milk, pounded crushed
coriander, chili flakes.

Jhinga Indie                                                 

A very popular king prawn dish with officials of the East India Company, now made by chef Deepak’s with his own recipe for those with a taste for food.

Macher Jhol

A fish delicacy of Calcutta, tilapia cooked with mustard oil, carom seed & onion tomato gravy.

Malika -E – Daria

Tilapia tossed with fresh herb’s & onion tomato masala.

Panner Makhani                                          

Fresh cottage cheese cooked with tomato gravy & fenugreek.

Shahi Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked in yoghurt saffron & cashew nut gravy.

Mutter Paneer                                             
Fresh peas & cottage cheese cooked with onion, tomato & yoghurt gravy.
Saag Paneer 
Fresh pureed spinach sautéed with garlic, fenugreek, cottage cheese.
Saag Aloo  

Fresh pureed spinach sautéed with garlic, fenugreek, cottage cheese.

Khumb Hara Pyaz                                        
Fresh mushroom tossed with spring onion & onion tomato masala.
Bhindi Kalonji                                               
Green okra sautéed with onion, tomatoes & touch of spices.
Khatte Mithe Kathrikkai                              

South Indian sweet & sour aubergine.

Indigo Tarkari

Garden vegetable with colour pepper, cheese, onion & tomato.

Lazeez Baigan
Aubergine cooked with kalonji, fresh ginger & onion tomato masala.
Amritsari Chole
Chickpeas cooked with Punjabi home spices.
Chatpatey Aloo
Diced potatoes tossed with fresh ginger, garlic in fresh tomato, onion gravy.
Aloo Shimlamirch
Potato’s & colour pepper tossed with fresh ginger coriander & tomato.
Dal Mah Di
Black lentils & kidney bean slow cooked overnight on a tandoor and finished with butter and cream.
Gobhi ka Bharta
Finely chopped roast cauliflower with fresh green peas &tomato masala.
Dal Tadka
Yellow lentils tempered with fresh garlic and onion.



Plain Rice
Pulao Rice
Lemon Rice
Peas Pulao

Saffron Rice



Tandoori Roti
Plain Naan
Butter Naan
Chilli Garlic Naan
Romali Roti
Pudina Paratha
Peshawari Naan
Garlic Naan
Lacha Paratha
Chef’s special bread’s basket

(Assortment of three breads)

Choice of RAITA


Cumin Raita
Cucumber Raita
Annardana & Boondi Raita
Punjabi Salad
Pakchoi & Baby Corn Salad

Gajjar Halwa                                                       
The North Indian version of the classic Carrot Cake.Gulab Jamun
Sweet Indian dumplings dipped in sugar syrup.


Dumplings made from cottage cheese soaked in sweetened, thickened milk delicately flavored with cardamom.

Malai Kulfi
Very famous north Indian creamy ice cream.
Mango Kulfi                                                                                                                

Mango flavour Indian ice cream.

Passion Royale
A centre of marbled passion fruit sorbet and vanilla ice cream, coated in passion fruit sorbet.

Chocolate Soufflé
A unique chocolate suffle with a chocolate liquid centre.


Mango sorbet & coconut ice cream with a heart of meringue

Eastern promise
Turkish delight flavoured ice cream covered with Belgian chocolate.

Vanilla ice cream

All our produce is freshly sourced on a daily basis.
All a result, due to demand, some dishes may become unavailable. Please understand if this event occurs.
Some of the dishes may contain nuts.
Please advise our staff if you have any special dietary requirements.