Local marketing

We’re concentrating on Google SEO, and social media marketing to promote our website – and in doing so, sharing information about the food businesses featured on our website with your potential customers.

We also run a discount scheme to help to our business members draw new customers and encourage loyalty – and to give us something to shout about through our news feeds and social media. You can set the terms of the discounts to suit your business, and we are happy to advise of the best strategy for your individual circumstances, as our team has extensive experience in marketing and PR, and free advice is part of our offering to our business members.

Building a local community of food lovers:

From anyone who lives to eats (rather than simply eats to live) to anyone who knows their onions – from to chefs to shops, producers to publicans and writers to restauranteurs. We’re passionate about well-sourced, lovingly-prepared, delicious food … and we look forward to meeting you. :-)