Mamma Toscana, recipe book

Mamma Toscana, recipe book

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Mamma Toscana

by Alvaro Maccioni

Published by Pavilion / Anova Books

In this classic Italian cookbook, restauranteur Alvaro Maccioni presents 165 recipes that capture all the goodness and robust flavours of real Tuscan country cooking.   Inspired by the family meals cooked by his mother and grandmother, Mamma Toscana features Tuscan dishes such as Agnello in Salsa, and Pasta d’Estate.   Alvaro’s memories of Tuscany are woven throughout the book, evoking a vivid and colourful picture of Tuscan family life:  the feast days, the festivals, the baking-hot summers.   Born and brought up in Vinci in Tuscany, Alvaro came to England in 1958 and began work as a waiter at the Mirabelle restaurant in Mayfair.  He joined forces with Mario Cassandro and Franco Lagattolla to run the first Tuscan restaurant in London’s West End called La Terrazza, which became internationally famous, and a haunt of the big film stars of the day, and British royalty.  In 1966, he decided to go it alone and opened “Alvaro’s”.  After returning to Italy for three years, in 1975 he decided to return to England once more and opened La Famiglia in Chelsea, where he remains to this day, a restaurant known for its ambience as well as its food, and just as internationally famous as La Terrazza and Alvaro’s.

Price £14.99 in hardback.  ISBN: 978-1-86205-854-5.