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Rick Stein Live at the London Palladium

Rick Stein Live at the London Palladium

Nigel and Adam Farm Kitchen

Nigel and Adam’s Farm Kitchen

Nigel Slater and Adam Henson join forces to sow, grow, rear and cook Britain’s favourite foods from a working farm in the Cotswolds The four part series traces food from farm to fork.

Delicious artisan cheese delivered to your door

Foodie Friday – November 2013

The November issue of Foodie Friday, from YOU FOOD – featuring local food news, offers and competitions for Bucks, Berks, Herts and London.

The Crown Hotel, Old Amersham, scallops

Foodie Friday – October 2013

The October edition of FOODIE FRIDAY, from YOU FOOD. News, offers, competitions.

Fenugreek growing in a pot

Foodie Friday – September 2013

FOODIE FRIDAY - your monthly food inspiration e-zine Autumn may be on the horizon, but things are hotting up at YOU| FOOD!Our new mobile app is also due to launch next mo..
Keema peas

Curry in a hurry, recipe

A quick and easy curry recipe for when you do not have a lot of time. Lamb (keema) peas, cooked in the Indian tomato sauce which is featured as another article / blog on the YOU FOOD website.


Indian Cooking Tips

Simple tips to make your Indian cooking experience easier, enjoyable and successful. A list of basic ingredients to keep in your cupboard or refrigerator from which you can make a vast array of Indian dishes.

Butter curls

Low fat or low carbs – part 2

In part 1, we discovered that you can get thinner by eating more fat and fewer carbs. In this part, we look at good fats – fats which help you stay slim – and we hear more from Peter Attia, and introduce Dr Malhotra.

  • Clive
  • 12/11/2013 6:17 pm
  • Diet
Peter Attia

Low fat, or low carbs? Which is best?

This is the first in a series of two articles which turn upside down the advice which has been given for the past few decades and which is still being given. But it is dubious advice, at best. How do I know ? Read on……

  • Clive
  • 08/11/2013 12:25 pm
  • Diet

North Indian Cooking

An authentic tomato-based Indian sauce which can be used as a base sauce to flavour meat, fish and vegetables.