Salt Sugar Smoke Cookbook

Salt Sugar Smoke Cookbook

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Salt Sugar Smoke

How to Preserve Fruit, Vegetables, Meat and Fish

by Diana Henry

Published by Mitchell Beazley

This is a book about preserving food: making jellies, jams, chutneys, relishes, cordials, salted fish, smoked fish, cured meats, cheeses and liqueurs, with recipes from all around the world,  easily achieved by the average home cook.   This is an encyclopaedic approach to preserving food, which has received very positive reviews, and includes some interesting and unusual recipes such as for Wok-Smoked Trout with Dill, and Sweet Tea-Cured Chicken.

This synopsis borrowed partly from The Week’s own synopsis of a review by Zoe Williams in the Guardian.  RRP £20.  ISBN: 978-1-8453-3564-9.