Supreme Cuisine, Home Delivery

Supreme Cuisine, Home Delivery
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Summary: Home delivery of frozen fish and meat
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Address: N/A – delivered to your door
Telephone: 07711 767353
Delivery Times
Monday to Saturday 11am-9pm
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Food ethos
Quality produce – frozen
Supreme Cuisine specialises in delivering a wide range of high quality frozen fish and meat products straight to your door.

Your sales representative will be ready to help you choose the products that would best suit your personal preferences and cooking style. We also provides cooking tips and advice on how to get the best from the products he provides.

All of the products supplied are of the highest quality and wherever possible the fish, meat & poultry is boned, skinned & sinewed, ensuring no waste and no fuss. The range also includes many of the more exotic fish varieties from around the world.

The majority of poultry products are supplied pre-marinated or encased in a tasty coating – making it the ideal quick-to-prepare dinner solution.

All products are individually-frozen making it easy to defrost and serve regardless of how many people you are catering for.

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Call – 07711 767353 to discuss requirements and prices.