Terms and Conditions for YOU FOODIE Club Members

These Terms and Conditions form the legal contract between YOU FOOD and people who sign up as YOU FOODIE Club Members of YOU FOOD, and are subject to change from time to time.

1)  This website is used entirely at the risk of those choosing to use it.   YOU FOOD LTD (the owners of the YOU FOOD brand and business) does not hold or accept any responsibility for any consequences arising to individuals, property,  organisations, businesses, charities, or any other body, arising as a result of themselves, businesses, consumers or other users making use of this website.  YOU FOOD LTD accepts no responsibility for the consequences of inaccuracies or errors in the information contained within the YOU FOOD site, including prices, whether entered by users of the site, or by the administrators of the site; although every attempt is made to ensure accuracy, and upon notification of an error or inaccuracy, the error or inaccuracy will be corrected as soon as is feasibly convenient.

2) This website is intended for the provision of information about, and the promotion of, food businesses, to users and YOU FOODIE Club Members of the YOU FOOD website, and to enable the running of a discount scheme, such that YOU FOODIE Club Members can receive discounts for doing business with the Business Members of YOU FOOD, with the intention of building loyalty of those YOU FOODIE Club Members to the Business Members.   Any attempt to subvert that aim in any way, or to attempt to make use of this website for any other purposes, may result in legal action being taken by YOU FOOD LTD, against the perpetrator, particularly if the perpetrator has damaged the business of YOU FOOD in any way, including, but not limited to, loss of income or reputational damage to the YOU FOOD brand, to the YOU FOOD LTD name, or to the reputations of the food businesses appearing on the YOU FOOD website.   If the perpetrator is a Business Member of YOU FOOD, then YOU FOOD LTD reserves the right to terminate their Membership immediately, without compensation, and to remove any or all information about them from the YOU FOOD website.

3)  YOU FOOD will store the data you submit in order to become a YOU FOODIE Club Member, except for any payment details which will only be stored by the payment processing company (PayPal or GoCardless) (see item (5) below).  Your data will be stored in a secure manner and will only be used for the purposes of conducting the business of YOU FOOD.   It will not be sold on, or passed on, to anyone else, unless the company is sold to another company, in which case that data will be passed to the company purchasing YOU FOOD or YOU FOOD LTD.

4) The YOU FOOD App for mobile phones and tablets does not store any information about the whereabouts of individuals using the App at any particular time which could be used to identify individuals by name, although the App does know which phone numbers that have the App running are at which locations at any particular time, but this information is not stored, and is not available to YOU FOOD, YOU FOOD LTD, or the company providing the App service (A Perfect Pocket).

5)  All YOU FOODIE Club Members signing up (unless they have FREE Membership) will need to have their payment details stored by the payment processing company (PayPal or GoCardless) in order for your recurring subscription to work.  They are stored in an encrypted form.   YOU FOOD LTD  will not store any of the payment details.

6) YOU FOODIE Club Members are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner when doing business with the Businesses that they find on the YOU FOOD website, so as not to bring the reputation of the YOU FOOD brand into disrepute.   Whilst YOU FOOD cannot accept any liability for the behaviour of YOU FOODIE Club Members of YOU FOOD, YOU FOOD does reserve the right to terminate the Membership, immediately and without compensation, of any YOU FOODIE Club Member who acts in such a way as to bring the YOU FOOD brand into disrepute.  Business Members of YOU FOOD are contractually bound under their Terms and Conditions to offer the specified discounts at the specified times in all cases, but there is an exception where a YOU FOODIE Club Members has behaved in an offensive way, caused damage to the premises or contents of the Business Member’s establishment, or otherwise conducted themselves in a way unbecoming of YOU FOODIE Club Members.   YOU FOOD reserves the right to revoke the Membership of any YOU FOODIE Club Member who behaves in such a way, immediately and without compensation, if their behaviour is reported as unacceptable by any Business Member of YOU FOOD, or of any business listed on the YOU FOOD website.   In all disputes, YOU FOOD will endeavour to hear both sides of the story before coming to any decision, wherever practical.

7)  The “lifetime” offers for YOU FOODIE Club Members joining YOU FOOD apply for life only if the YOU FOODIE Club Member remains a member of YOU FOOD continuously, through a lifetime Free Membership or the monthly or annual subscriptions via PayPal or GoCardless.  If this lifetime Free Membership, or the monthly or annual subscription is cancelled at any time by the YOU FOODIE Club Member, then they can re-join with whatever terms are being offered at the time they re-join, but they will not be entitled to the offer under which they previously joined, if this offer is not currently being offered when they re-join.