The Discount Scheme – details

YOU FOODIE Club Members

YOU FOODIE Club Members normally pay £15 per annum to join YOU FOOD and are then entitled to discounts at all of the participating food businesses (i.e. those who are also members of YOU FOOD).    Note that this YOU FOOD website also displays details of non-member businesses, and Business Members not participating in the Discount Scheme, at which you will NOT receive a YOU FOOD discount.  This is for your convenience in finding exactly the kind of food that you are looking for, even if they are not a member of our website or of the Discount Scheme.  If your favourite food business is not a member of YOU FOOD then why not ask them to join up?  We’ll even pay you a commission payment, as soon as they’ve paid their membership fee, to say thank you for introducing us.  Find out more at: Help YOU FOOD grow – we pay you.

In order to build up the Membership of YOU FOOD, to encourage more food businesses to sign up to offering discounts to those Members, YOU FOOD is currently offering you FREE FOR LIFE Membership if you sign up now.  The FREE FOR LIFE Membership is only available for a short time, and reflects the fact that there will be fewer Business Members (where you can get discounts) in the early days of growing YOU FOOD, but you can help to add Business Members, by signing up your local favourite pubs, restaurants, butchers, bakers, delicatessens, etc. and receive commission for doing so.    See the section on “Working for YOU FOOD”  for more information.

On your first visit to any YOU FOOD Members Business, you will be entitled to a minimum 5% (shopping) or 10% (eating out – i.e. pubs, restaurants and cafés) as an initial discount.  Simply show your YOU FOOD Membership Card.  The Business will ask to see your card to verify your Membership.   You are required to show them, or they can refuse to offer you the discount.  They may also ask to scan your QR code, and ask you to state your ID Code.

On subsequent visits to the same business, for those food business participating in the “Rising Discount Scheme”, your discount will rise until it reaches the top level discount, and it will remain at this level thereafter.  Every tenth visit you will get a bonus discount for that visit from most Business Members.  The actual details will vary from food Business to food Business, although we will try to standardise the offerings as much as possible for ease of understanding and simplicity.